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August 9, 2010

This is the last post on the Old Enjoy Birth Blog.

Never fear, I have moved over to the new Enjoy Birth blog.

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This older site is just going to host the archives of my old posts, there will be no new posts. If you have come here via a link and enjoyed reading, please come over to my New and Improved Enjoy Birth Blog!

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Wondering Wednesday: What if you See Something you Disagree With?

August 4, 2010

This is part of my Wondering About Series. Feel free to e-mail any questions you are wondering about to sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com.

I want to be a doula and I’m nervous about seeing things I disagree with or that seem like unnecessary interventions happening in a hospital. How do you manage that?

This is a challenge.  I think one important thing is to make sure your doula clients are well educated on the options/interventions they may be presented with during their birth.  Having a good understanding of the pros and cons before birth will help them to make better decisions for themselves during the birth.

Then during birth I really just support mom in dad in whatever their choice is!  I will remind them of the pros and cons, but then step back and let them choose.  So sometimes I see things I feel are unnecessary, but they are the things that mom and dad chose, so I remind myself “It’s not my birth.”

There have been a few instances when I feel mom may have been scared/forced into certain interventions and that is harder to watch, because mom doesn’t really want it, but has been pressured to say ok.  Again, “It’s not my birth.” is my mantra and I just focus on supporting mom in her decisions.   Inductions tend to be this way for me.  Rarely, as a doula, have I seen an induction that is truly medically needed.

More often I see that mom is supported in her decisions, by the staff, even during the times mom has chosen to go against recommendations.

Sometimes after the birth when listening to mom tell her story I realize I saw something completely different, but she has interpreted it a certain way.  I support her version of her story (it is HER story), but if she has questions about anything that happened, I answer honestly.

(The Enjoy Birth Blog has Moved. I have made the change over to a new blog. This site is just going to host the archives of my old posts.

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How can nurses help keep Dads involved?

August 3, 2010

I got this comment on my do doulas benefit dads post.

I am one of those nurses that just jumps in and I feel sometimes leaves dad out:( I don’t think about it until after. I would love some advice from more experienced doula’s on how to incorporate the dad in their work.

I know as a doula, I talk about what role they want me to fill during a prenatal appointment. A few dads really do want to be in more of an observer roll. Most want to be right in the thick of things and want me there more to give them ideas of what to do.

Most nurses don’t know the parents before they come in for their birth, but you can certainly ask them what role dad wants to play.

As a nurse if you see something (non-medical) that needs to be done, you can tell Dad and ask if he wants to do it.

For example, if you think that mom would benefit from some counter-pressure on her back, you can demonstrate to Dad how to do it and ask if he wants to.

Most Dads really want to help and just need some pointers. As a nurse you have great ideas on how to support moms and just sharing them with Dad can help make him the hero instead of you. (Of course the mom is the REAL hero.)

(The Enjoy Birth Blog has Moved. I have made the change over to a new blog. This is one of the last posts here! This site is just going to host the archives of my old posts.

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Thank you Sarah from One Starry Night

August 2, 2010

I have been wanting to switch from WordPress.COM to a self-hosted WordPress blog for over a year now. It seemed like such a daunting task and I just didn’t have the time or energy to do it.

Well the 31 Days to Better Blogging challenge I am doing, made me realize if I really want to do certain things with my blog I NEED to make the switch.

It was actually a good week to do it, my big boys are at camp all day and Thing 3 has been having playdates galore! SO I started making the switch.

It should have been fast and easy. A 5 minute install, was more like a 4 hour install, then trying to import became a 3 hour nightmare and I was about to give up, when a girl from SITS, a great online support for bloggers, told me about Sarah.

I e-mailed her Thursday night in desperation. She e-mailed me back with a price and asking for some information and I sent it over and put it in her capable hands. I think it was much trickier than she had anticipated (because of certain issues with my hosting company), however she persevered and she DID it!

I am in awe and so glad.

Now I just have to figure out how to get all my readers to transfer to my new blog. I don’t want to lose anyone.

Check out the new Enjoy Birth blog!

(The Enjoy Birth Blog has Moved. I have made the change over to a new blog. This site is just going to host the archives of my old posts.

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so you can get more great information to enjoy your pregnancy and birth.)

World Breastfeeding Week is coming up

August 1, 2010

Some fun information for World Breastfeeding Week, Aug 1-7.

Updated Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

This is like the Breastfeeding Bible.  A new and improved version is available now!

If you don’t need a copy, buy one for your favorite pregnant friend.  She will thank you.
Want to learn more about breastfeeding, enjoy podcasts? Well La Leche League has podcasts you can listen to or share with those you know.  Here is the link to lead you to the episodes available.

Changes are Coming!

July 31, 2010

Some important changes are coming – get ready…

Big announcement in August!

Top Ten “Tools” List for Pregnant Moms

July 31, 2010
  • Easy Pregnancy Kit – Great way for you newly pregnant moms to learn more about Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis and gives you tools to make your pregnancy more enjoyable. (eliminate nausea, sleep better and have affirmations to feel more excited about pregnancy and birth)
  • Hypnobabies Home Study – Awesome Complete Childbirth Class you can do at home.  You will learn all the important information you need about birth and your baby and body.  You will also create powerful tools you can use to stay calm and comfortable during your birth.  Get extra support by joining the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group!

Sitting in a leaning forward position can help your baby be in an ideal position for birth, leading to a faster, easier birth.  Here are some tools for that!

  • Ortho Wedge Seat Cushion – Stick in your car or on any seat you sit on for long periods of time, to help you be more comfortable AND to encourage your baby into an ideal position.
  • Kneeling Chair – This is another great tool for optimal positioning. I sit at the computer a lot and this helped me to be in the right position to help my baby be in the ideal position to be born.   I enjoyed this chair so much I still use it and my “baby” is 4 years old.
  • Birth Ball – This is a must have for pregnant and birthing moms.  It is SO comfy to sit on while pregnant and it has been a lifesaver for many moms during their births.  I know I wouldn’t birth without one.   If you are short get a 55 cm, tall a 75cm one and normal height moms a 65cm.  A word of warning, if you have kids, they will think this is a great toy too.   It is fun for them, but scary for you.  😉

Tips for better sleep – Try listening to your Hypnobabies in bed – many moms listen at night while they fall asleep, or take a “nap” during the day.  Some moms worry because they feel like they fall asleep during practice, most likely they are just in a nice deeply relaxed state, but it is OK if you do, enjoy the extra rest.

  • Body Pillow – Pillows are your new best friends.  I loved my pregnancy pillow, it was easier to maneuver then 4 separate pillows.
  • MP3 player – You can download all your Hypnobabies Scripts onto this player and still have plenty of room for songs or other fun things.  Having all your scripts on and MP3 player makes listening to your Hypnobabies scripts so easy.  Make a playlist of your “homeplay” and easily stay on track.  Having a MP3 player also is great for during your birth!
  • Speakers – It is nice to have the option of listening to your scripts out loud if you want.  If you don’t have an mp3 player, then a CD player is a great option.  If you have a MP3 player that needs to be charged make sure you have a charger at your birth!  Some speakers are also chargers, so that works great.
  • Headphone options

Head Phones – Normal headphones are another way to go.  I personally hate ear buds, so I got these.  I was able to take one ear off and listen while I fell asleep and when I was lying on the bed during part of my birth.  (see my birth video here)

Sleep Phones – Many moms like to listen to their scripts at night while they fall asleep, these sleep phones make it easy and comfy to do so.

Pillow Speaker – Maybe you don’t want headphones of any kind while you are listening in bed.  You can always listen out loud on your great cd player or mp3/speaker set.  Or you can get a pillow speaker.

Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds

July 30, 2010

Sounds good to me.  🙂

Apparently a doula won one of Miraclebody contests, where they highlight real life women wearing their products.

Pretty neat to have a doula win.

The jeans look really cool and their shirts do too.  I am going to see if I can get my hands on a pair of jeans to try out and review for you all!

OC Moms: La Leche League Annual Picnic

July 29, 2010

Hello LLL Moms and breastfeeding supporters,

Help us celebrate World Breastfeeding Week at our Annual Family Picnic on Saturday, August 7.  We’ve attached our Event Flier with all the info – please pass it along to all your friends, neighbors, family, moms groups, church groups and anyone you know that loves fun for the whole family.

Same time – same place: Alta Laguna Park in Laguna Beach from 11am to 2pm.  (PCH to Laguna Ave, which turns into Park and you take Park to the top of the world and turn Left on Alta Laguna, the park is on the right).

Be one of the first 100 families to get your free goodie bag filled with products from Lansinoh, Natracare, Plum Organics, Peter Rabbit Organics, Happy Baby, Whole Foods, Hylands, Motherlove, Tanners Tasty Paste, Mothering Magazine, Traditional Medicinals and more.

As always, we have some amazing donations for our opportunity drawings and silent auctions.  Check out the attached Donor Flier to see all of our great sponsors, such as Aliso Laguna Body Talk, Balboa Baby, Beco Baby Carrier, Law Office of Baron J. Bettenhausen, Bumbleride, Lansinoh, Natracare, Steph Fowler Photography, The Water Brewery and many, many more.  Silent auction items will be online on our website starting August 1.

There will be something for everyone, including vendor booths, food sales, bake sale, kids games and crafts and wonderful entertainment.

Event Schedule:
11:00am – Music Together concert
11:30am – Mom & Baby yoga demo by A Woman’s Place
12:00pm – Smile &  Sing music concert
1:00pm – Q & A session and book signing with Dr. Bob Sears
1:30pm – Opportunity Drawings
1:30pm – Food sales close

Be sure to check the WBW Family Picnic section of our website ( for the latest information.

Most Inspirational VBAC story!

July 28, 2010

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I just got an e-mail from Mama Seoul about a VBAC she attended as a doula/friend.

My friend just had a Home Water Birth After Inverted T Cesarean at my house on Saturday.

She listened to Hypnobabies Easy First Stage for like 35 hours and the Pushing Track for about half of her long pushing phase. It was incredible.  She was dilated to 10cm from Friday night through Saturday afternoon with intact membranes. Baby was in a funky position so they didn’t want to break the water. Baby finally moved in a better position and they broke the water.

She pushed with her urges and it took awhile, but she got out a more than 9 lbs baby with only a small tear that did not require stitches.

She also included a link to her friends version of the story.  The Birth of Stella Rose

Why is it so inspirational?

  • Mom had Inverted T-incision
  • She lived overseas where it is often harder to have a VBAC than in the US
  • She gathered the BEST birth team ever!
  • She has a uniquely shaped pelvis that probably led to her first cesarean
  • She was 10cm dilated with an intact water bag for 20 hours or so before any intervention.
  • She pushed for about 4 hours.
  • She had her HWBAC (Home Water Birth After Cesarean)
  • She used Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis
  • Then as her doctor says, “Everything with A. takes more time.”  Her placenta took over 29 hours to detach.

Wow, those are some amazing highlights.

I loved reading both versions as they had different aspects that made the birth come to life for me.

I love to see how women can empower themselves to have positive birth experiences.  In this instance I loved to see how women helped support each other in A’s journey to and during her VBAC.  How amazing and powerful we can be!