7 Responses to Inductions part 2

  1. Borealis says:

    Boy, this blog is timely. I have a friend with an active HSV2 infection and the doc wants to induce due to her baby “being too big”. Yikes. He’s obviously (to me) seeing dollar signs for the C-section that is inevitable. Thank you for your blog, by the way, it’s given me SO much valuable information these past 9 months.

  2. […] what I’m most interested in. She was induced because she was more than a week overdue–no reason other than she went past a magic date on a calendar. Although she ended up having a vaginal birth, inductions are much more likely to fail (and then […]

  3. […] Some typical routines I will review over the next few weeks.       Induction at 41 weeks (or some places 40 weeks)  […]

  4. […] OB had been pressuring her into setting an induction date because of “big baby”  She asked all the moms for ideas and support, did her […]

  5. Mindy says:

    Here is some information about pre-eclampsia that may help you. If you know you’re already at risk for preeclampsia, there’s a medical breakthrough that you should be aware of. At 16 – 22 weeks of pregnancy you can be given the MIST test that can determine 2 – 3 months in advance whether or not your pregnancy is at risk for preeclampsia. If you are, your doctor will then be able to place you on an appropriate treatment plan that can potentially save not only your unborn baby’s life but your own as well. And unlike many risky tests, like amniocentesis, the MIST test is completely non-invasive. If you’re worried about developing preeclampsia or hypertension during your pregnancy, visit http://www.misttechnologies.com/ for more information and start asking your doctor for your MIST test today.

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  7. […] at Enjoy Birth Blog believes there are Five Good Reasons for an Induction, as well as Five Questionable Reasons for Induction, and Five NO Risk Alternatives to […]

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