Placenta: The Gift of Life, Book Review

I got this book Placenta: The Gift of Life by Cornelia Enning off the Midwifery Today website when ordering the Midwifery Today magazine.  (Highly recommended by my friends at Independent Childbirth, the magazine that is) 

Well, I am pretty enthralled with placentas.  I think they are so amazing and thought the book sounded interesting.  It was a fast read, only 70 pages.  There were some interesting things I learned about how placentas were used historically.  Also how animal placentas are used today in some beauty care products. 

The main thing that I came away with from the book is that the placenta is something that should be repsected and not thrown away in the trash.   It is an amazing wonderful organ your body creates for growing your baby. 

I think with my next baby (if I have one) I will do 1 of 2 things, bury my baby’s placenta under a tree or dry it and encapsulate it.  Or both, bury part and encapsulate part.  There are a lot of benefits that moms can have by ingesting their placenta.  Currently the thought of eating it grosses me out, but I could probably swallow a pill. 

For more information on placenta benefits visit Placenta Benefits or their blog


2 Responses to Placenta: The Gift of Life, Book Review

  1. Kathy says:

    Yeah, I’d have to be pretty bad off to eat my placenta. I’ve thought that if I were having a postpartum hemorrhage, I could probably manage to make myself bite off a chunk. But I’ve seen two placentas, and while I’m grateful for them and glad they nourished my babies, I have no desire to consume them. But I could do pills. Now, if I had postpartum depression or something, I’d be more likely to ingest it!


  2. […] 22, 2008 by enjoybirth I think placentas are so interesting.  I read a great book, Placenta:  The Gift of Life  and reviewed it awhile […]

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