Pelvis too small?

There are care providers who try to scare their patients into cesareans because their pelvis is too small.  I know there are different types of pelvises.  Regardless of the type a mom should be able to have a vaginal birth, if she is well supported and allowed to find positions that feel right to her body! 

I just read an incredible birth story of a women whose midwife was worried at the beginning of her birth that her pelvis may be too small for her to have a vaginal delivery.  She was wise and did not share that with the mom.  (Your beliefs shape your reality, so I am so glad she didn’t share her doubts.)  This mom was allowed to be mobile throughout her birth and she instinctively tried many different positions.  There was a fairly long pushing stage, but baby and mom were doing well.  She had her vaginal birth! 

I honestly believe had that mom had a hospital birth, she would have had a cesarean.  First off, her OB would have tried to get her to have an elective cesarean.  If she did labor in the hospital she would have been tied to the monitors and not been able to move as much as her body needed to, in order to open.  Then if she had gotten to pushing, she probably wouldn’t have been “allowed” to push for over 4 hours. 

This story is a wonderful illustration of how choosing your care provider can have a huge impact on your birth.  Especially if you have a uniquely shaped pelvis.

2 Responses to Pelvis too small?

  1. Jill says:

    I was told I have a small (“VERY small,” and “malformed” too) pelvis after my C-section. I do have a legitimately narrow pelvis, but it didn’t stop me from having a VBAC with my second baby – who was even bigger than my first! Management – or lack thereof – in labor is key. Lots of position changes, particularly ones that let gravity ease the baby down, were important for me. It’s no wonder I couldn’t get my first son out, when I was stuck on my back in a hospital bed!

  2. Kathy says:

    I read this story too — awesome!

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