Top Ten “Tools” List for Pregnant Moms

July 31, 2010
  • Easy Pregnancy Kit – Great way for you newly pregnant moms to learn more about Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis and gives you tools to make your pregnancy more enjoyable. (eliminate nausea, sleep better and have affirmations to feel more excited about pregnancy and birth)
  • Hypnobabies Home Study – Awesome Complete Childbirth Class you can do at home.  You will learn all the important information you need about birth and your baby and body.  You will also create powerful tools you can use to stay calm and comfortable during your birth.  Get extra support by joining the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group!

Sitting in a leaning forward position can help your baby be in an ideal position for birth, leading to a faster, easier birth.  Here are some tools for that!

  • Ortho Wedge Seat Cushion – Stick in your car or on any seat you sit on for long periods of time, to help you be more comfortable AND to encourage your baby into an ideal position.
  • Kneeling Chair – This is another great tool for optimal positioning. I sit at the computer a lot and this helped me to be in the right position to help my baby be in the ideal position to be born.   I enjoyed this chair so much I still use it and my “baby” is 4 years old.
  • Birth Ball – This is a must have for pregnant and birthing moms.  It is SO comfy to sit on while pregnant and it has been a lifesaver for many moms during their births.  I know I wouldn’t birth without one.   If you are short get a 55 cm, tall a 75cm one and normal height moms a 65cm.  A word of warning, if you have kids, they will think this is a great toy too.   It is fun for them, but scary for you.  😉

Tips for better sleep – Try listening to your Hypnobabies in bed – many moms listen at night while they fall asleep, or take a “nap” during the day.  Some moms worry because they feel like they fall asleep during practice, most likely they are just in a nice deeply relaxed state, but it is OK if you do, enjoy the extra rest.

  • Body Pillow – Pillows are your new best friends.  I loved my pregnancy pillow, it was easier to maneuver then 4 separate pillows.
  • MP3 player – You can download all your Hypnobabies Scripts onto this player and still have plenty of room for songs or other fun things.  Having all your scripts on and MP3 player makes listening to your Hypnobabies scripts so easy.  Make a playlist of your “homeplay” and easily stay on track.  Having a MP3 player also is great for during your birth!
  • Speakers – It is nice to have the option of listening to your scripts out loud if you want.  If you don’t have an mp3 player, then a CD player is a great option.  If you have a MP3 player that needs to be charged make sure you have a charger at your birth!  Some speakers are also chargers, so that works great.
  • Headphone options

Head Phones – Normal headphones are another way to go.  I personally hate ear buds, so I got these.  I was able to take one ear off and listen while I fell asleep and when I was lying on the bed during part of my birth.  (see my birth video here)

Sleep Phones – Many moms like to listen to their scripts at night while they fall asleep, these sleep phones make it easy and comfy to do so.

Pillow Speaker – Maybe you don’t want headphones of any kind while you are listening in bed.  You can always listen out loud on your great cd player or mp3/speaker set.  Or you can get a pillow speaker.

OC Moms: La Leche League Annual Picnic

July 29, 2010

Hello LLL Moms and breastfeeding supporters,

Help us celebrate World Breastfeeding Week at our Annual Family Picnic on Saturday, August 7.  We’ve attached our Event Flier with all the info – please pass it along to all your friends, neighbors, family, moms groups, church groups and anyone you know that loves fun for the whole family.

Same time – same place: Alta Laguna Park in Laguna Beach from 11am to 2pm.  (PCH to Laguna Ave, which turns into Park and you take Park to the top of the world and turn Left on Alta Laguna, the park is on the right).

Be one of the first 100 families to get your free goodie bag filled with products from Lansinoh, Natracare, Plum Organics, Peter Rabbit Organics, Happy Baby, Whole Foods, Hylands, Motherlove, Tanners Tasty Paste, Mothering Magazine, Traditional Medicinals and more.

As always, we have some amazing donations for our opportunity drawings and silent auctions.  Check out the attached Donor Flier to see all of our great sponsors, such as Aliso Laguna Body Talk, Balboa Baby, Beco Baby Carrier, Law Office of Baron J. Bettenhausen, Bumbleride, Lansinoh, Natracare, Steph Fowler Photography, The Water Brewery and many, many more.  Silent auction items will be online on our website starting August 1.

There will be something for everyone, including vendor booths, food sales, bake sale, kids games and crafts and wonderful entertainment.

Event Schedule:
11:00am – Music Together concert
11:30am – Mom & Baby yoga demo by A Woman’s Place
12:00pm – Smile &  Sing music concert
1:00pm – Q & A session and book signing with Dr. Bob Sears
1:30pm – Opportunity Drawings
1:30pm – Food sales close

Be sure to check the WBW Family Picnic section of our website ( for the latest information.

Wondering Wednesday: Afraid Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Won’t Work?

July 21, 2010

<strong>This is part of my Wondering About Series.  Feel free to e-mail any questions you are wondering about to sheridan AT enjoybirth DOT com.</strong>

What would you say to someone who wants to use Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis but is afraid it won’t work for her?

What do you mean it wouldn’t work?

I think any mom should define what her goal for taking Hypnobabies is.

  • Is it that she is afraid of pain and wants to avoid all pain at all costs?
  • Is it that she wants tools to have the best birth possible?
  • Is it that she wants to be as calm and comfortable during her birth as possible?
  • Is it that she wants information, education and support to have a natural birth?
  • Is it that she wants some tools but may want to get an epidural if she feels she needs it?

I think that Hypnobabies could certainly work for all moms, however if her goal is to avoid pain at all costs, then she may be disappointed if she ends up feeling some discomfort and then she may feel that it “didn’t work”.   A large number of moms do have pain free births with Hypnobabies, but that is not really the point of Hypnobabies.  It is to educate moms about birth and give them amazing tools to help them during their birth, to be as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances.  (needing pitocin, a malpositioned baby, an unsupportive care provider are all examples of things that may take away from a moms comfort level)

I would also suggest that the mom read birth stories of moms who had unique births using Hypnobabies and see how they felt that Hypnobabies helped them during their births.  To see that Hypnobabies can help all moms regardless of their birth experiences, even if they end up needing a cesarean or an induction, Hypnobabies has tools that can help with that!

Here is a great birth story, where mom had some discomfort, but still felt that Hypnobabies worked for her and lists the reasons why!

NIP: Ready to whip it out, if needed!

July 6, 2010

I am a big lactivist and if a mom wants to nurse in public, she should feel comfortable doing so.

I have nursed in many public places.  I was ready to whip it out, if needed.

Here are just a few:

Nursing on the beach

(BTW, pretty discrete don’t you think?  I never used a blanket, but I don’t think this could offend anyone.)

  • Disneyland, while waiting for Dumbo (and numerous other rides).
  • At a holiday business party at my husbands work.  Sitting right there at the table with everyone, with GASP, no blanket!
  • Walking around shopping for Halloween costumes at JC Penny.
  • Walking around shopping at Costco.
  • At Church, sitting with the congregation.
  • At the Park.

Really whenever and wherever my babies were hungry, I fed them.

No one ever said anything.  But I was ready if they did.

I had printed off my state’s law and had it in my diaper bag, ready to whip IT out too, if needed!

Posted in honor of the Nursing in Public Carnival.  I found out about it too late to officially join, but I am all about Nursing in Public.  I may have to have another baby, just to join in the fun.  🙂

So moms, if you are nursing, stand proud and nurse your baby whenever he gets hungry.  I will be smiling at you and giving you a thumbs up!

(I have to add, it took me a good 4-6 weeks to get comfortable nursing in public with each of my boys.  It takes awhile for them to learn to latch themselves on easily.  But after 4-6 weeks, they had it figured out and it was easy.)

Birth Handouts to Share

July 5, 2010

Here is a link to some great handouts with wonderful information for expecting moms!

They are on the Mother’s Advocate Site.

Wondering Wednesday: Concerned about Conceiving?

June 30, 2010

This is third in the Answer My Question series.

What kind of advice would you give to a couple trying to conceive (ttc)?

I guess it would depend on how long they have been trying.

If they are just starting, I would say, just relax and have fun!

If they have been trying awhile and are getting frustrated, I would suggest charting your temperature to determine when you are ovulating.  Then relax and have fun.

You may want to try hypnosis to help you stay relaxed about trying to conceive and it can maybe also help you conceive.  Google hypnosis and fertility for choices.

If after a few months of that you are still not pregnant, then I guess I would step it up a notch and get professional assistance.

Good luck!

Angela’s fun homebirth!

June 29, 2010

Click here to read Angela’s Birth Story and see some great pictures.

Angela’s Birth – Sheridan’s Version

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela at a park day. She was pregnant and new to the area, so I asked if she needed an OB referral. She said she did homebirth and needed midwife referrals. You can only imagine my joy! She had also used HypnoBirthing for her last birth, so I was even more excited.

It worked out that Angela took my Hypnobabies class with Shelly and Chris (who were sort of contemplating homebirth.) I think her presence in the class helped them to finally pursue and achieve that goal. Maybe it was the “I will NEVER birth in a hospital again” comment that convinced them to call and interview midwives?

I had a fellow doula that wanted to attend a homebirth and was happy to do it for free, so Angela came to the Hypnobabies Open House to meet her, but by then I really wanted to be her doula. So I asked if I could do it instead and she said YES!  I was really excited. We both thought it would be a fast birth and we weren’t even sure if her midwife would make it. Well, as we see birth is unpredictable!

Angela called me Wednesday morning to say that she had started leaking water Tuesday night, but she just ignored it and had a good nights sleep. Wednesday her midwife Coley came and confirmed it was amniotic fluid and stayed in the area checking in with Angela throughout the day. Angela was having pressure waves off and on all day long. I was checking in now and then too.

I was supposed to host book club that night, but had warned the girls I might have to move it back a week if I had a birth. So by 5 I told them all I was postponing, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about people showing up right when Angela needed me.

Jake called me a little after 9 PM; Coley had broken Angela’s water. So I headed over getting there around 9:30. She was having pressure waves, but nothing too intense. We watched American Idol together. She went on a walk with Jake. She listened to Easy First Stage. The pressure waves would come regularly, we would get excite and then they would slow down.

We had filled the pool up (which took up half their bedroom!) and their bedroom was getting muggy and hot. So Jake, Angela and I went on a walk to get the fan. Angela would laugh after pressure waves and say, “They really do feel like a big hug!” She was managing her pressure waves beautifully relaxing through each one easily.

11:15 we talked about why maybe things were starting and stopping. Angela thought it was emotional. She was worried that it was taking too long, that things were too easy. We talked about it and then she listened to fear release and the rest of us rested.

12:45 Angela took another walk. We all took a nap from 1 – 2 AM. Angela was getting worn out and just needed a rest.

At 2 AM Angela came out in the living room and Coley and I listened while she talked about her fears. She mentions that all her other girls were born during rain storms. Jake was busy snoring away in the other room while we were talking. Then I started saying some affirmations and her pressure waves started up. They were going good, nice and strong and long. We got her on the toilet and still going good. We got the tub ready again. We thought, this is it!

Angela got into the tub around 3. Things soon slowed down again. At 4 Angela got out of the tub. She rested on the bed. Things pretty much stopped. Angela was frustrated and worried she might need a transfer. I wasn’t worried about that at all, but felt bad she felt frustrated. I was wondering if she was waiting for her girls to wake up. She had talked about how strong her bond between Maddie and Ashelyn because Maddie was there when she was born. I thought once she woke up, then Angela would have the baby.

Coley asks if Angela has a breast pump. She does, but it is packed away. I have one, so I run home at 5 am for mine.

Angela starts the pump and even after 30 minutes, not much happening. Coley says, “Keep going!” Finally her PW start again. This is really it, but when she stops pumping, then they slow down a bit, so Coley says pump a little more. Maddie is awake by this point.

6:30 Pressure waves are long and strong and close together, even with no pumping! Angela sat on the toilet while they finish prepping the tub again. She looks at me with a look that makes me know the baby is coming soon! THIS is really it.

7 – Angela gets in the tub, Jake joins her. I look out the window, it is all steamed up, I wipe some steam away and see that the ground it all wet outside. I tell her, “It is raining” That seems so right. Angela starts pushing at 7:15. 7:29 Irelyn is born! Mom and baby are doing great, Brooklyn wakes up right after the baby is born and wanders in to meet her sister!

It was an amazing birth. I am so glad that I was able to be there as Angela’s friend and doula.

Like This!

I am thinking of doing a Podcast

June 19, 2010

As far as I can tell the only other pregnancy podcast out there is Pregtastic, which is fantastic!  🙂

I would like to start a podcast and focus on preparing for birth and early parenting.

Would you listen?

Have your voice heard about formula!

June 15, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I have been working with an attorney from the Center for Science in the Public Interest regarding infant formula marketing. They are conducting a survey to secure information on formula marketing and purchasing decisions. Would all of you consider passing the message below on to the mothers you work with via your website, blogs, etc. This would really help get a good response back to CSPI.



The Center for Science in the Public Interest is interested in learning about your experience with infant formula marketing.  Please take this survey if you have had a baby or adopted an infant in the last four years.

Miserable with Morning Sickness?

June 14, 2010

Can you give me tips on how to get rid of this morning sickness?

There was a mom on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group who was kind enough to share her tips.  Here is a link to the PDF she made.

It has great info!  Also she references the Eliminate Nausea Hypnobabies script which has helped many moms.

Another very powerful tool is EFT.  There are some moms who find that tapping on certain issues have helped clear up their morning sickness.    You can contact Sondra, who can do EFT via Skype!