PB&B Store

Not, Peanut Butter and Belly Store.  🙂

Visit my new Pregnancy Birth and Babies Store where I share my favorite books and products for expecting and new moms.

If you buy the Hypnobabies Home Study Course
from Amazon, you get 2 free extra CDs and FREE shipping!

I also love products from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  They are all natural and I used the baby wash and lotion for Thing 3 who had very sensitive skin.  They smell so yummy and were so great for his skin!

One Response to PB&B Store

  1. Kelly Mochel says:

    Hi! The photo winner with the older sibling looking on as mama gives birth was touching, to say the least. It holds a special place in my heart as I have written/illustrated/self-published a children’s book for homebirthing families for kiddos just like that little guy! I gave birth to Kora at home on Dec 26, and my 2 yr old stood by the pool and cheered ‘yay baby, hi baby HI’ as her sister peacefully emerged. I can’t imagine not having her there for such a special time! If you’ve never heard of it, here is the site if you’d like to have a wee look. You, or someone you know, might be able to benefit from it!

    Awesome blog, keep the great info flowing!
    Kelly Mochel

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