Bait and Switch

A lot of moms are getting this from their care providers.  They say one thing and then as their birthing time draws near, they change their tune.   I love this blog post about it. 

If this happens to you, know it is never too late to change care providers!  If you choose to stay, then sit down and TALK to them after doing your research!  This mom did that and it helped her avoid an unneccesary cesarean.    You can do it too!

3 Responses to Bait and Switch

  1. kris says:

    thanx for sharing those:)

  2. […] I think that depends a lot on the care provider and this is why I encourage moms in my class to TALK to their care providers about this early in pregnancy, to get a feel at how they practice.  But then beware of the bait and switch!  […]

  3. Sara says:

    It’s also never too late to practice informed consent. Your care provider was informed of your wishes, said he would go along with them. If he changes his tune you DO have the option of fighting your way through things. Just be educated about what different tests mean. What fetal heartrates should be at various points of labor, etc.

    If I’m stuck with YOU as a doctor because you changed your mind on me at the last minute, you’re stuck with ME as a patient.

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